Fourth Quarter? New Game!

By now, most people have seen, or heard about, Chris Davis’, Auburn University football player’s, winning play, last Saturday.  He made an amazing 100 yard, return, touchdown during the College Football Iron Bowl.  As a result, Auburn beat Alabama.

In an ESPN Blog, by Edward Aschoff, we are told that Auburn has a way of rising to the challenge, or more specifically, making a major comeback, in the fourth quarter, of a game.  Aschoff quotes receiver Sammie Coates:

‘Coach [Gus Malzahn] tells us the whole season that if it comes down to the end, we can win the game, we can find a way to win,…” ‘And every time it comes down to the end, we find a way.’ ”

This is why I am a fan of sports, (besides the fun of watching)!  It’s such a metaphor for life!  How appropros, then, the timing of this recent, fourth quarter, winning play!  For we, fans, are in the last quarter of the year.  For some of us, it has most likely not been a winning year, personally.

Be inspired, not just, specifically, by Davis’ play, and Auburn’s, resulting, win; but more by their “modus operandi”.  As Running Back, Tre Mason, is quoted by Aschoff:


‘It’s our mindset going into the fourth quarter that we own the fourth quarter. Once the fourth quarter rolls around, it’s a new game. We don’t even treat it like the same game we’re playing. It’s a new game, and we’re starting over.”

It’s been said that Davis has also had his setbacks.  Last Saturday, definitely, made up for all that.  He owned it!

Fourth Quarter?  No Problem!

New Game!  Own It!

2014 could be your, personal, breakout year!

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Grace Foster, Director of Fun, a.k.a Owner/President, Sports Entertainment Dreams

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